All pieces are unique

This is the craft, there are not two identical pieces! The beauty of the craftsmanship is also the irregularities of each object, linked to the raw material, to the manual shaping, to the desire sometimes to put a little novelty in a gesture on the part of the craftsman!

There may be a production delay of your order, because the craftsmen do not always have stock!

It is hand made

Each time we watch a maâllem work, we can only marvel at the perfection, the rigor and precision of the gesture, the richness of its work, the finesse of the patterns, the openwork, the embroideries and the engravings.

Natural and local raw materials

Craftsmanship uses local resource, the hand-shaping of all the riches that nature has given us, and Morocco is blessed by the gods for this!
Whatever the region, there is a rich and varied craftsmanship everywhere. Nature has been able to give beautiful woods, smooth and soft wools, natural colors thanks to plants, stones and fruits, precious metals, clay and rich earth, reeds, wickers, palm trees, whose woven or braided fibres give so many beautiful objects in natural tones.

An ethical and solidarity production

Click & Souk is also our commitment to sustainable development, ethical purchasing, valuing cooperatives or solidarity employment, reducing the carbon footprint, aiming at an economy that is increasingly concerned with people and their environment.