Click and Souk was born from our immoderate love for the souks of Morocco and Marrakesh, for its authentic craftsmanship, for the incredible work of these master craftsmen called here the mâallems!

The numerous gifts of these artisans with golden fingers produce a plethora of superb trendy, ethnic-chic, decorative objects, as much for everyday life as for pure aesthetics.

French Moroccan couple living in Marrakech for more than 25 years, we welcome travelers from all over the world in our riad in the heart of the historic center of the medina, 

We know personally the master craftsmen, cooperatives or producers we work with. We could tell you about their family, their village, their personality. Their ancestral know-how has been handed down since the dawn of time from father to son, from mother to daughter.

We are delighted to offer our “best of” to you, as we mingle morning and night with these artisans, sharing the local culture!