The weaving loom

The weaving loom

Weaving is a Moroccan ancestral art, each region has its method, its colors. 

Each tribe has is patterns, its openwork or embroidery stitches added to the weaving. The blankets, plaids and bedspreads are all, initially, hayeks or haiks,

whose women covered also themselves to go out in the moountains.

Weaving is traditionally done in houses in mountain villages, with the wool

of local herds. Cooperatives have now organized themselves to maintain

and transmit this know-how.

You should see the maallem preparing his craft, his weft, untangling

the threads, tightening them, with these mechanical looms

all made of wood and reeds.

It is necessary to see the craftsman passing and ironing

his shuttle between the tense threads that he reverses with his pedals,

with a very regular rhythm, fast and precise,

it is meditative, contemplative,

You should see the concentration with which the maallem

will make the patterns, the color changes, all the variations,

sometimes so fine, that give personality to these blankets

and plaids that one finds in the souks!